Tap into the Metaphor, Shift your blueprint for achievement.

Discover in this audio example a two year old child forward babbling. What you will hear first is his mom then you will hear the child speaking in his own way and you really are pressed to understand him, can you? After the forward is played there will be a slight pause and you will hear the reversal play in three different speeds with one second silence in between the speeds.

Listen for reversal I found in his babbling talk " I'm, forever you" I do recommend wearing headphones.

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Unconscious messages provide insight into embedded metaphor structures of the mind. Frank’s reverse speech analysis deliver precise, useful information that helps or assist people discover untapped resources for change and wellness.

At Reverse Speech USA you can achieve positive lasting change through the power of Metawalk™. And the method which we do is pretty unique. Through a hypnosis process we implant instructional messages revealed from your own subconscious by using the technology of Reverse Speech. Once implemented the shift will transpire for you to think and behave in a way that is more congruent with whatever is important for you to improve.

Reverse Speech technology has long been used to help change harmful and negative behavior and reveal insights in making wise decisions.

Let us help you discover the source of your power to change.

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