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RS analysis. Choose two topics you wish to gain more insights on. I recommend we focus on a maximum of only two. It can identify unconscious beliefs and patterns that sabotage your success, personal growth or short falls.

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Reverse speech is known as a covert bi- level of communication that is naturally generated by the brain when we speak. It can be listened to when human speech is recorded and played backward. It operates in unison with forward speech and it is complementary to it.

Meaning, the content intent and context of the reversal relates to the forward conversation. Your Speech reversals are communicated and understood at an unconscious level, remarkably, it can be brought to the surface in a Professional Reverse Speech session.

It requires a skilled and trained ear to consistently identify and interpret these embedded messages. Often they have a singsong quality that sets them apart from the apparently incoherent sounds that surround them. They tend to be grammatically unusual, and are sometimes metaphorical in meaning.

This level of communication can be revealed and exposed.

Referencing a strict protocol, the analyst can successfully unveil statements that are communicated from the subconscious or higher mind of the individual. Together, the RS analyst and client can deliberate the meanings of these reversals within the context of the client's personal experience. Startling realizations and solutions result from the productive collaborative effort.

By revealing and understanding your internal speech reversals, we can open the door to the unconscious mind of anyone.

Isn’t time you explore a protocol that works.


The Theory Of ReverseSpeech and Speech Complementarity

Human speech has two distinctive yet complementary functions and modes. The Overt mode is spoken forwards and is primarily under conscious control. The Covert mode is spoken backward and is not under conscious control. The backward mode of speech occurs simultaneously with the forward mode and is a reversal of the forward speech sounds.

These two modes of speech, forward and backward, are dependent upon each other and form an integral part of human communication. One mode cannot be fully understood without the other mode. In the dynamics of interpersonal communication, both modes of speech combined communicate the total psyche of the person, conscious as well as unconscious.

Covert speech seems to develop before overt speech. Children speak backwards before they do forwards. Then, as forward speech commences, the two modes of speech gradually combine into one, forming an overall bi-level communication process.

Although still a fairly new and emerging field that the mainstream audience are unaware of, Reverse Speech is already making its impression felt in many areas. It was used successfully in business negotiations and corporate mergers as means of providing extra information. In the state of Oregon, it has been used in criminal investigation and its results independently verified by DNA testing in one case.

Reverse Speech was founded and developed by David Oates.