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Inner Wisdom Knows

The self that you think you know is but one aspect of your entire personality.

What is reverse speech analysis?

Expiernece a short session to validate the process for yourself.
5 minute mini sample session - Two appointments = $50
5 minute recording on one issue topic,  schedule next appointment - analyze and write up the session transcript, review and play session results

25 minutes RS analysis - two appointments = $243
In-Depth Personal Session

We begin with a 25 minute conversation on One topic of your choice; i.e., relationships, business, future plans, whatever is of your concern. I then analyze and document your voice in my office then we have a followup conversation approx 60-90 minutes  to listen to your reversals together and interpret their meaning. I also provide a transcript and audio files for you to keep. Hear your own inner voice. Resolve issues and move forward in your life.

Metawalk - contact for price 
Currently unavailable until further notice
During a Reverse Speech session work, your voice is recorded and analyzed to locate the reverse hidden signals. It will generally reveal an accurate understanding of what is transpiring at an unconscious level and expose the causes for current behavior. This most often reduces the therapeutic process by months, because it allows us to concentrate precisely what is creating the issues. The next priority is another recording is then conducted to ask the unconscious mind how these patterns and causes can be enhanced and altered according to desired outcomes. The reverse information in this recording usually reveal some very accurate protocols that can be taken to change these patterns.
Typically the guidance from the unconscious come in the form of metaphor, or pictures and imagery. The theory through the discoveries made with reverse speech research, the unconscious thinks and processes behavior patterns with descriptive metaphors.
Behavioral change is then achieved by altering and changing the unconscious metaphors. This is accomplished using a series of unique personalized guided visualization journeys called Metawalks™. During session you are guided through a pictorial journey in the unconscious mind where you imagine and sense your metaphors and then change them according to the instructions received from the previous reverse messages. As the pictures or metaphors are changed with this process, so too do the unconscious behaviors also change.
Resolve your bitter relationship disruptions, Reconnect with family members, Provide clarity over  an important decision, Manifest new career opportunities and attract money, Identify the reasons behind your lack of progress in work, money, health and relationships, Provide guidance and instruction to solve or resolve any situation
Reverse It to Reveal It
Currently unavailable until further notice
A complete personal MetaWalk™ , which are conducted by telephone or skype. - contact for price

Private Sessions consist of 8 person to person phone calls with Frank:
Step 1: Discovery – You’ll discuss the topic you choose to address in your sessions with Frank.
Step 2: Analysis #1 – Frank will use Reverse Speech techniques to analyze how you’re communicating about the topics revealed at the subconscious level.
Step 3: Problem Solving  – You’ll discuss with Frank the reasons for any negative reversals, and discuss solutions to solving them together.
Step 4: Metawalk #1  – Frank will guide you into a trance and use metaphor restructuring to create change at an unconscious level.
Step 5: Metawalk #2 – Frank will guide you into a second trance to reinforce the unconscious restructuring that was started in the first metawalk.
Step 6: Evaluation – You’ll discuss with Frank any changes that have occurred over the course of the private sessions so far.
Step 7: Analysis #2  – Frank will go over the reversals found from step 6, and compare them with you to reversals found previous to the metawalks.
Step 8: Final Metawalk  – Frank will guide you into a final trance to embed the positives changes created throughout your private sessions.

Sessions using Skype and phone
Preparing for sessions-

The client will be required to wear a headset with microphone or similar, and have a  reliable broadband internet connection to ensure a clear connection for uninterrupted voice recording by the practitioner. In preparation for all calls, clients are exspected to be in a envoirment free from interruptions and background noise as any outside noise will effect the quality of the recording session. While the Metawalks are being conducted, clients are asked to lay horizontally on a comfortable bed, sofa chair or similar in order to facilitate a full relaxation state. Appointments for all sessions start punctually at the appointed time.

Please advise or let the practitioner know of any reactions they may be having as a result of their RS session/ processing. Typically Clients have reported passive reactions as: changes in sleeping patterns and an increase in dreams, sleep talking and sleep walking; restlessness or tensions in relationship dynamics as emotional states are magnified; physical tiredness or drowsiness in response to heightened states of awareness and creativity; and even the presence of new odors in the house and other common living spaces. Some reactions may include symptoms as: transference or recognizing your own personal faults in other people around you as in family and friends; denial or a quieting down reaction in the presence of external stimuli; possible intense anger perceived by other people as being illogical or unjustified; and sometimes a strong need for isolation or severing relational ties.

** Before the start of any RS processes, clients are required to sign and submit original copies or by digital technology via email of the Analysis/Session Work Release Waiver.

*The term MetaWalk is a trademark of David John Oates, originator of the MetaWalk process.