Reverse Speech USA

Inner Wisdom Knows

Have you ever felt that you are struggling to achieve your goals without knowing why,
and can’t quite put your finger on it?
WARNING some of these examples may offend and upset you. Listen at you own risk.
These are just random
reverse speech examples
I picked. The main purpose is that you are actually
hearing true reversals.
Adjust volume accordingly.
Of course not everyone will hear all of them, as theses examples demostrate
the diversity of the sounds from each individual.
Thank You
Reversal -" her lie"
Jared AZ shooter -Reversal -" i be wars"
Kurt Cobain - Reversal -" thats hell"
Obama Reversal -" your fuck'n"
David Keith on geoengineering -Reversal -" they knew, the terror"
The Secret movie - "we sneak it"