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Inner Wisdom Knows

Human conscious is not yet fully understood. Our conscious must expand so the conscious self can one day understand our true nature.
When an young adult or child decides they need therapy, finding the right therapist takes  research, patience, and intuition.
Therapists provide mental health services. While each one brings different training, experiences, insights, and personality to the table. How can you find a therapist who is right for your needs?
A preferable good therapist is nonjudgmental, accepting, and patient. Otherwise, most clients  are just getting what they grew up with.
Although many people find therapy helpful, it's not for everybody. If the therapy isn't resonating for you just now, or  you're currently on a waiting list, or you just want more options to explore, you could try Reverse Speech.
You will be surprised hearing the insights that the reversals can reveal.

How Can You Use Reverse Speech To Improve Your Life?

The benefits of accessing your own unconscious mind would be a momentous advantage. Going beyond that to converse with your higher self. Listening to the part of anyone to understand the inner messages embedded in the language of other people in business, and relationships.
Personal Growth and Development: Able to reveal any denial of self worth. An analysis will shed light on areas of negative unconscious belief patterns. After these are brought to conscious awareness, they can be processed and intregated, thereby allowing the person to become a more functional constructive being and helps one create a positive attitude towards life.
Can It Help Improve Your Business?
The inner messages have been known to help guide people to make the most profitable decisions in the allocation of resources, choosing investments and hiring practices. It can identify unconscious beliefs and patterns that sabotage your success. Thinking about a partnership or joint venture? Your potential associate reveals more than he or she knows in the inner messages imbedded in their speech.
Metaphor Restructuring and the Reverse Speech Metawalk™
In the dimensional field regions of the unconscious mind there is a theater that energizes the scenes 24 hours day. The plots are heroic and seem to mimic many of the myths and legends of earths human civilization. Metaphors come alive here with lush imagery and personas that are similar to those discussed by Carl Jung, and described in some native cultures. These scenes run independently of the conscious mind. They are essentially on autopilot. This is sometimes unfortunate, because our subconscious metaphors seem to direct our lives in a very guided way.
For example, you can try to intend for wealth, using all the right affirmations and prayers, guides and angels, but if your subconscious mind foundation is leading the metaphor life in the ghetto, your financial image will unlikely to improve. This is because there is a disconnect between your conscious desires and your subconscious human belief. The MetaWalk™ metaphor restructuring technique, originated by David John Oates, combines reverse speech with hypnosis, allowing us to change the metaphors in a way that lets conscious desires manifest, by eliminating limiting setup beliefs and self-sabotage.
Typically traditional hypnotic induction works with the personal imagery of the client, a MetaWalk™ takes the client through a variety of locations and actions that are laden with archetypal symbols and metaphors.  Each personal journeys alters the internal structures of the mind to reveal the highest awareness possible for the individual client, as prescribed by their own speech reversals.

Reverse Speech sessions are very effective in the treatment of  number of issues both physical and mental.
The Reverse Speech Private Session process is very unique like no other form of Personal Development you may have experienced, consistently proving more accurate than TLT and EFT, and always delivering quicker, longer lasting results than NLP and Hypnosis. Reverse Speech has endured the test of time as a reliable modality.

Resolve hurtful relationship feuds
Reestablish connections with family members
Provide immense clarity over an important decision
Manifest potential new career opportunities and attraction of abundant money
Identify the reasons that is embeded the lack of progress in work, money, health and relationships
Provide guidance and instruction to solve or resolve any situation
These are just some of what you can explore.